Tips to keep your car’s paint Safe

Being covered, your car’s paint is protected from atmospheric phenomena, from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and, if the garage is private, from vandalism…

However, it is worth highlighting some aspects with which you have to be careful if you park in a garage:

– In some public parking spaces are too narrow and other users can damage the paint of your car when entering and leaving their vehicles. Try to avoid them or look for the best places even if they are further.

– The garages located in the basements of buildings usually have pipes and ducts on the roof that sometimes drip; This drip, if it falls on the paint of your car , can cause stains that are very difficult to remove. Check that there are no puddles on the ground before parking.

Wash the car every 4/6 weeks.

Washing the car is often vital to protect car paintWashing the car not only fulfills the function of making our car look clean and beautiful, and, incidentally, that they do not think of us that we are a bit “guarretes” (sorry for the expression), but also fulfills the indispensable mission of eliminating harmful substances that are deposited on the paint of your car during everyday use. These substances can be bird droppings, traces of insects, tar tar, gasoline and oils, and even salt coming from some roads in winter. Prolonged exposure of your car’s paint to these substances can damage it very seriously.

To wash the car it is best to do it by hand using the right products, such as body shampoos and wipes and microfiber towels that do not damage the paint.

After long trips it is highly recommended to wash the car to eliminate the multitude of insects that impact on the front or the salt of the road that is projected on the underside of the vehicle in winter.

Protects the paint from the sun in prolonged parking.

The intense rays of the sun can be very damaging to the paint of your car. The colors that suffer most are those that are very bright, for example red, yellow or solid blue. It is quite common to see red cars eaten by the sun that have acquired a pinkish and matt color …

In other colors, wear by the sun is not so obvious, at least as far as pigmentation is concerned, but ultraviolet rays also affect the brightness of the paint, so prolonged exposures cause the progressive tinting of your car’s paint .

If your car is going to be parked in the street for a more or less prolonged time, try to be in a place sheltered from the intense sun.